Greet’n’Potatoes is a greeting card company created by illustrator, Merrily Grashin. Each punny design is food and beverage themed and set with letter-pressed prints. 

Merrily launched the first line of cards in 2014 after her collection of bad pun doodles became too big to contain. In addition to the cards on this site, you can find her collection, THERE'S DUMPLING YOU SHOULD KNOW, a 12-note card bundle for all occasions with even more clever puns and adorable food illustrations, through Clarkson-Potter of Penguin-Randomhouse. 

In 2017, Merrily also published her first book with the same deep affinity for puns and hand-illustrations, called Women's Libation!, a collection of 75 cocktail recipes celebrating feminist icons through history (Plume, Penguin-Randomhouse).

With Greet'n'Potatoes, we aim to be environmentally sustainable with paper and materials whenever possible; clever; and thoughtful. With her art, Merrily hopes to create a place where people can appreciate thoughtful, locally produced art, and pass it along to others! 

Currently, cards can be found at various retail locations around the country, as well as online here, or on Amazon. If you would like to carry any designs in your store, would like to place a larger order, or are interested in commissioning a personal piece, please email Merrily at [email protected]

Thanks for BEEFriending us--what a missed steak it would be to miss out on all these puns! Well done.